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Karla Kava Inc. offers the following data collection services:

  • Field Interviewing:  Our interviewers conduct intercept interviews, as well as onsite focus group recruiting.  Interviews may be conducted in stores and in public venues.  We go where our clients need us to go.
  • In-Store Audits:  Our field reps collect product data such as distribution, number of facings, prices, and presence of signage.  We collect the precise information that our clients specify at almost any type of outlet (grocery, convenience store, etc.).
  • Mystery Shopping:  KKI field reps and shoppers from our database are experienced in performing service evaluations for a wide variety of industries, including banks, restaurants, retail stores, and more.  We give preference to certified shoppers.
  • In-Store Monitoring:  We provide monitoring of our clients' in-store demonstrators and merchandising reps.  The purpose of monitoring is to ensure that these reps are performing to the client's standards.
  • Product Purchasing and Retrieval:  At KKI, we use every available resource to help our clients obtain specified products.  These products are carefully packed and shipped according to the client's instructions.  We also retrieve products from businesses and consumers.
  • Custom Projects:  We provide the field personnel for any special project our clients may need to field.